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  • Title:Think About That
  • Artist:Jessie J
  • Album:Think About That
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    作曲 : Darhyl Camper/Jessica Cornish
    作词 : Darhyl Camper/Jessica Cornish
    Yeah yeah
    I carried you slow for way too long
    I couldn't let you go
    Under a spell of don't don't don't
    Ego reaction
    Guess I was holding up face by saving your ass
    You spent my money and I lost their faith
    I screamed yes you told me nah
    You fed me fear I spoke to god
    I was living my dreams through your eyes
    Building my life on your lies yeah
    You just laughed when I cried
    Think about that
    Who knew the real sacrifice
    Think about
    Think about that wow
    All you disturb is my work and my patience
    Years of grinding you took it you broke it
    All cause you're faking
    You wanna be famous
    Say it you wanna be famous
    Using my jewels
    You were thirsty as fuck
    Always late always faded
    Think about that time when you blamed me
    Think about that time when I called you up
    And I said I needed saving
    Think about that time when you said you cared
    You were lying tryna faze me
    Think about that time when I got sick
    And you made me go on stage
    Think about that time when you used my fame
    To stack up on your paper
    Think about that time you told my label
    As you said she's crazy
    Think about the fact they see it now
    You're a shark a cheat a traitor
    Shark a cheat a traitor
    Think about hey
    Think about oh no
    Think about that yeah