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  • Title:Good Old Days (feat. Kesha)
  • Artist:Macklemore
  • Album:GEMINI
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    I wish somebody would have told me that
    Some day, these will be the good old days
    All the love you won't forget
    And all these reckless nights you won't regret
    Someday soon, your whole life's gonna change
    You'll miss the magic of these good old days
    I was thinking about the band
    I was thinking about the fans
    We were underground
    Loaded merch in that 12-passenger van
    In a small club in Minnesota
    And the snow outside of 1st Ave
    I just wanted my name in a star
    Now look at where we at
    Still growing up
    I'd be laying in my bed and dream about what I'd become
    Couldn't wait to get older
    Couldn't wait to be someone
    Now that I'm here
    Wishing I was still young
    Those good old days
    That some day, these will be the good old days
    Cause someday soon, your whole life's gonna change
    You'll miss the magic of the good old days
    Wish I didn't think I had the answers
    Wish I didn't drink all of that glass first
    Wish I made it to homecoming
    Got up the courage to ask her
    Wish I would've gotten out of my shell
    Wish I put the bottle back on that shelf
    Wish I wouldn't have worry about what other people thought
    And felt comfortable in myself
    Rooftop open
    And the stars above
    Moment frozen, sneaking out, and falling in love
    Me, you and that futon
    We'd just begun
    On the grass, dreaming, figuring out who I was
    Never thought we'd get old
    Maybe we're still young
    May we always look back
    And think it was better than it was
    Maybe these are the moments
    Maybe I've been missing what it's about
    Been scared of the future
    Thinking about the past
    While missing out on now
    We've come so far
    I guess I'm proud
    And I ain't worried about the wrinkles around my smile
    I've got some scars
    I've been around
    I've thrown some pain, I've seen some things, but I'm here now
    You don't know
    What you've got
    Till it goes
    Till it's gone