• Title:superlit
  • Artist:gnash;Imad Royal
  • Album:superlit
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    I'm gonna get superlit
    Only way to get over it
    Now that you've done me dirty, done me dirty, yeah
    I gotta get superlit
    I'm gonna get superlit, superlit
    Only way to get over it, over it
    I'm getting superlit on the way to my job
    Then I used to pay the bills from my car
    They got me the girl that dumped me last month
    And I'm stuck paying, her family planned all
    Hold the phone there, just a minute, man
    You know you can change shit around in a minute, man
    Even though you pushing 'round in that mini van
    When you come home you know you're gonna get...
    Like you ain't never did before
    I'm talking athletics in Nutella on the kitchen floor
    And I feel like a got a little luck
    And everything is cool until the sun come up
    And then it's back to reality, the same old tragedies
    Back to my old ways like, "Please, don't be mad at me"
    You know it's just a habit when I had traffic
    Even bad news got me laughing
    It's superlit that you do what you did to me
    Cause after what you did to me I'll gotta pretend to be...
    I could be whatever I want
    With whoever I want, do anything that I want
    When I'm superlit
    Breaking down the riddle on my mac and cheese
    In my kitchen with them other recipes
    And wait, superlit
    Negative energy will never get the best of me
    And you'll never get the rest of me now I'm...
    We're gonna get super, superlit
    We're gonna get over, over it
    Now that you've done me dirty
    (Come on)
    Let's gonna get superlit (hey)
    We're gonna get super, superlit (hey)
    So if I get over, over it (hey)
    So we can get stupid superlit
    Again, and again