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  • Title:Cellar Door
  • Artist:Angus & Julia Stone
  • Album:Snow
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    If you call me
    You will know me
    I'll be there
    You will find me

    Running to the church yeah you gotta get back
    You're gonna miss the show sitting in the front row
    Call your brother up and
    For far too long I sat around to die
    Laying by the pool, drinking rum with the dime bags
    Let him know
    All of your friends are at the cellar door
    We're gonna have to get you there before all the beer is gone
    Gotta get a dance in, before the show
    Gonna lift you up til our feet don't touch the ground
    Let's go tell the others now so we can all float around
    We'll melt into the night
    I don't wanna be the one to wait around to die
    I wanna look up, so I can see the blue sky
    See the blue in your eyes
    How many times does it take to get your feet back on the ground
    We gonna get down
    Gotta get a dance in
    Before the show