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  • Title:Make It Out Alive
  • Artist:Angus & Julia Stone
  • Album:Snow
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    She wanted to go to a party
    She wanted to go to a place where we could unwind
    Where we could listen to some old dusty records
    Just to spin around
    I felt the music hit my bones and I fell back
    I fell into the clouds
    My feet weren't touching the ground
    We started to float around
    I was only trying to wake you up
    We were walking in and walking out, walking out again
    In the garden we were running out
    Everyone is gonna make it out, make it out alive

    She said,
    "I don't want to be buried in some salty soaked oak-wood box
    Sleeping underground...
    I want my ashes to be spread above the clouds
    I wanna go out guns blazing
    With booze and songs being spilled from the top of the glass."
    I guess that much we can agree upon
    We can float around
    Til our feet aren't touching the ground
    Make it out alive