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  • Title:Sylvester Stallone
  • Artist:Angus & Julia Stone
  • Album:Snow
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    Just stay where you are
    We talked at the bar
    Walked out on the street
    You walked in my heart
    Wanted to breathe
    There's gold in your hair

    We talked on the phone
    We'll meet at the beach
    Like Sylvester Stallone
    You're slurring your speech
    Pass me the drink
    Let's not walk too far
    Stay where we are
    Is that what you want
    I'll close up the bar
    I'll close up the shop
    Let's take what we need
    And sit in your car
    Let's stay where we are
    We've been here before
    I'll meet you at ten
    And we'll be here again
    Let's fall from the stars
    Sturdy work for the week
    It's bad and I know it
    And I'd change if I could
    But I feel like I should
    It's so sweet when you tell me
    How lovely I am by the night's sky
    The birds cannot hear us
    And things fall apart
    And we're waiting for answers
    But where do we start
    And I'm wondering what movie
    You'll ask me to see on the weekend