• Title:Lonely
  • Artist:Lil Wayne;Demi Lovato
  • Album:Tell Me You Love Me (Deluxe)
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    作曲 : Dijon McFarlane/Sarah Aarons/Dwayne Carter/Nick Audino/Lewis Hughes
    作词 : Dijon McFarlane/Sarah Aarons/Dwayne Carter/Nick Audino/Lewis Hughes
    Mustard on the beat ho
    He felt just like you
    His arms his lips
    His promises were just as smooth
    His grip it fit though I'll admit that
    Only you could make me feel the way you do
    Though you know love is blind
    And he just caught my eye
    You know me and honestly I'm better without ya
    Don't you got me checking on my phone by the hour
    Baby I'm hoping and praying
    My knees weak I'm shaking
    'Cause you know that I always needed saving
    Now I'm f**king lonely and you didn't want me
    Trying to show me that you didn't own me
    But all you do is leave me f**king lonely
    Knees on the concrete cut up and bleeding
    For no Goddamn reason but all you do is leave me
    F**king lonely
    Leave me f**king lonely
    The month was June
    The smoky sun our fatal run
    It ended too soon
    With tears and proof 'cause all the carpets stained with juice
    Blood on my shoes and you know love is blind
    I can see it in your eyes
    Bitch can't even say I miss you back over the f**kin' text
    Every time you slept over my pad you over f**kin' slept
    Toni Braxton told me to breathe again don't hold no f**kin' breath
    Gave your ass directions to my heart and your ass busted left
    Climbin' up the money tree the tree without the lover's nest
    'Cause lovebirds are some busy bees
    You f**k around you stung again
    And you didn't leave in your underwear
    'Cause she didn't arrive in no underwear
    Look baby even lovers burn to nothin' that be clear
    I can't see the forest from the tree the water from the sea
    And I was starting to believe but it's a forest full of dreams
    I smoke bars full of weed and call it what I see
    And when you leave I hope you know you bring
    The forest to his leaves I'm f**king lonely