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  • Title:Ruin The Friendship
  • Artist:Demi Lovato
  • Album:Tell Me You Love Me (Deluxe)
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    作曲 : Demi Lovato/Ido Zmishlany/Brittany Amaradio/Chloe Angelides
    作词 : Demi Lovato/Ido Zmishlany/Brittany Amaradio/Chloe Angelides
    Put down your cigar and pick me up
    Play me your guitar that song I love
    Thirsty for your love fill my cup up
    I only got good intentions so give me your attention
    You're only brave in the moonlight
    So why don't you stay till sunrise
    Your body's looking good tonight
    I'm thinking we should cross the line
    Let's ruin the friendship let's ruin the friendship
    Do all the things on our minds
    What's taking us all this time
    Baby you and I got history and we can't deny our chemistry
    So why the f**k are we a mystery
    Let's just go with the connection give me your affection
    No I can't keep denying every minute I think of you