• Title:Instruction
  • Artist:Stefflon Don;Demi Lovato;Jax Jones
  • Album:Tell Me You Love Me (Deluxe)
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    作曲 : Timucin Aluo/Uzoechi Emenike/Demi Lovato/Stephanie Allen
    作词 : Timucin Aluo/Uzoechi Emenike/Demi Lovato/Stephanie Allen
    All my ladies
    Gon' do
    Wine to the left sway to the right
    Drop it down low and take it back high
    No I don't need introduction
    Follow my simple instruction
    You see me I do what I gotta do oh yeah
    On the guest list no need to cue oh yeah
    Me and my crew we got the juice oh yeah
    So come here let me mentor you well
    Some say I'm bossy 'cause I am the boss
    Buy anything I don't care what it cost
    Stacked like casino Armani Moschino
    If you're the supreme then I'm Diana Ross
    Step one
    Report to the dance floor when I say oh yeah
    Step two
    Tell mom you'll be out till late oh yeah
    Step three
    Pull up your bumper cock up your waist oh yeah
    Step four
    Grab somebody now face to face and say
    Say that you're bossy 'cause you are the boss
    Buy anything you don't care what it costs
    Yo see me 'av everyting what you want put it pon me
    They dunno the realest star 'cause she don't play
    They say I'm loco when me do me thing
    Gyal haffi back up back up pon it
    Gyal haffi stack up stack up pon it
    All my ladies bad gyal bad gyal
    'Nuff a dey ting 'nuff a dey ting say enough a dey ting
    Bad gyal bad gyal mashin' up di ting
    Mash up the di ting pon' em