• Title:Phases
  • Artist:Alma;French Montana
  • Album:Phases
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    作曲 : Charlie Handsome/Rex Kudo/Styalz Fuego
    作词 : Charlotte Emma Aitchison/Sasha Sloan/Noonie Bao/Karim Kharbouch/Alma-Sofia Miettinen
    You know what it is
    When you hear that haa
    We got too drunk, we got too high
    On the night we graduated
    We got locked up in my bedroom
    And I swear I didn't fake it
    Fell in love when we were faded
    Don't make this complicated
    You were just one of my phases, oh yeah
    I drank all the liquor
    Then you gave me yours
    Then we started talking
    And you kinda turned me on
    Telling stupid stories
    Of my history
    So I guess it was my fault
    That I made you think of me
    I'm sorry if I hurt you
    I just don't like you like that
    You were
    I kept your number
    Never hit delete
    But when I take too much
    I just think of you and me
    On the kitchen counter
    On the balcony
    But when I get sober
    You're not the one for me
    Hey, hey
    You know your boy, Montana
    It was just a thang, wasn't 'bout the fame
    Put her last name with a 100-carat ring, and I
    I was wasted
    Rocks and a bracelet, Cîroc in the cases
    Back to them cases, front to your eyes
    Nothing formation
    Big hypnotize, and I
    Spend a lifetime in one night
    Know the data, ain't worth one byte
    Trucks to the valley, palm trees, Cali
    For the freaks on the centre
    South beach winters, and I
    (I don't like you like that)
    And I know you ain't like that
    But I know we just got
    One of my, one of my, one of my phases, phases
    You, you, you, you, you, you, yeah, yeah
    You, you, you, you, you, you, yeah
    (You were)