• Title:SOS
  • Album:SOS / プレゼント
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  • Uploador:SaWaJiRi
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    英補作詞:Nelson Babin-Coy
    For you, I'll sing this song
    Please stay, it won't last long
    Years after we are long gone
    The meaning will stay strong
    Silence is what this song's about
    Numb to the world all around
    But I will sing of this place
    Hoping it finds you some way

    People needing to be saved
    Scream out for help every day
    But we grow numb to the sounds
    And feelings slowly start to drown
    The first time, we can hear a voice
    But soon it all becomes noise
    Fading to silence in the end
    I know it doesn't make sense...
    When sound all ceases to exist
    People think that means happiness
    And all the sounds that used to be
    Are all just noise to you and me
    The cries of help disappear
    The silence numbs all of our ears
    And when we stop listening
    Those screams stop meaning anything
    Don't you let your heart grow numb to everyone
    Oh child, listen to the “sound of silence”
    Saving someone else means saving yourself
    It's true, and I'm sure you know it too
    When you hear an “SOS”
    Answering it becomes a test
    It can give the life you lead
    A meaning that you'd never seen
    So don't resist a call for help
    Cause in the end it will tell you
    How to treasure yourself
    And not be alone
    It might seem a little strange
    To share this song this way
    But I know what I must do
    Is share the meaning with you
    All this I learned from someone
    Who spent his life among
    People screaming out for help
    Doing everything to reach out
    Now I'd like to thank you for staying by my side...