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  • Title:Miracles (Someone Special)
  • Artist:Coldplay & Big Sean
  • Album:Kaleidoscope EP
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    My father said never give up son

    Just look how good Cassius become
    Mohammed, Mahatma, and Nelson
    Not scared to be strong
    What if they say I’m no good?
    What if they say
    "Get out of here, kid. You got no future.?”
    Now you could run and just say they’re right
    No I’ll never be no one in my whole life
    Or you could turn and say no wait they're wrong
    And get to keep on dancing all life long
    Just look what Amelia and Joan done
    Oh Rosa, Teresa, their war won
    Yeah you could be
    Someone special
    You've got bright in your brains and light in your veins
    You'll go higher then they've ever gone
    In you I see
    You've got fire in your eyes
    When you realize you'll go further
    Then we've ever gone
    But just turn it on
    Look I pay my intuition I couldn't afford tuition
    My funds was insufficient and it felt I'm in prison
    Until I realized I had to set my mind free
    I was trusting statistics more than I trust me
    Get a degree, good job, 401k
    But I’m trying to turn k’s to m’,
    What does it take?
    And maybe I could be the new Ali of music, probably
    Instead of doing it just as a hobby like these boys told me to
    I guess you either watch the show or you show and prove
    Prove it to them you prove it to yourself but honestly its better if you do it for yourself
    Never complacent till we hit the oasis
    One life don't waste it feel my heart races,
    Success I taste it, ah
    We on the verge of getting every single thing that we deserve
    I see heaven inside
    You'll go further
    Than we've ever gone
    In you I see
    You've got bright in your brains
    You can break through the chains
    You'll go higher,
    Don't go to war with yourself
    Just turn
    Just turn it on
    And you can't go wrong