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  • Title:Girls Like You
  • Artist:Maroon 5
  • Album:Red Pill Blues (Deluxe)
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    Spent 24 hours, I need more hours with you
    You spent the weekend getting even, ooh
    We spent the late nights making things right between us

    But now it's all good, babe
    Roll that back wood, babe
    And play me close
    'Cause girls like you run 'round with guys like me
    'Til sun down when I come through
    I need a girl like you, yeah yeah
    Girls like you love fun, yeah, me too
    What I want when I come through
    Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
    I need a girl like you
    I spent last night on the last flight to you
    Took a whole day up trying to get way up, ooh
    We spent the daylight trying to make things right between us
    Maybe it's 6:45
    Maybe I'm barely alive
    Maybe you've taken my shit for the last time
    Maybe I know that I'm drunk
    Maybe I know you're the one
    Maybe you thinking it's better if you drive
    I need a girl like you, yeah