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  • Title:Denim Jacket
  • Artist:Maroon 5
  • Album:Red Pill Blues (Deluxe)
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    [Verse 1]
    You're standing there with your cigarette
    Looking at me like we've never met
    I know I fucked up
    So I'll take the blame
    And I don't expect you, to let me explain
    You can't forgive, I can't forget
    I know you are just too different now
    But I miss you and that denim jacket
    I let you get away
    Do you still wear that denim jacket
    Cause the color of that blue sky
    Just remind me of our goodbye
    Do you still wear the denim jacket
    [Verse 2]
    Now someone else is taking you home
    Hands on the waist
    I used to bold
    And I know it's my fault
    I'm late to the dance
    Cause you couldn't wait for me and I understand
    Why you never look back
    Once that door closed
    Do you, do you still?
    Do you, do you still
    Do you still, do you still
    Wear that denim jacket?
    You're dancing there with your cigarette (yeah)
    Do you wear that denim jacket?