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  • Title:You and I
  • Artist:Anjulie
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    Last night woke up in a dream
    Red and white
    Couldn't stop screaming
    Comin' in close to me
    But the Sun's out
    Stinging in my eyes
    Windows open up red sky
    Breath in
    Smells like summer
    And The stars are out
    Baby it's a bad idea I know
    But the stars are loud
    If somebody told me there'd be
    Nobody else but
    You and I
    The night's gettin' darker with you
    My heart's getting louder with you
    My mind's getting dirty with you
    And last week
    You were with some chick
    Same bed, barley sleepin'
    You didn't know
    That soon you'd be next to me
    In the purple sky
    Head on my chest
    Moonlight light up my vintage dress
    Tangled up in your back seat