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  • Title:Destiny
  • Artist:NF
  • Album:Perception
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    作曲 : Nate Feuerstein/Tommee Profitt/Cameron Doyle
    作词 : Nate Feuerstein/Tommee Profitt/Cameron Doyle
    I talk to God like, "What's next for me?"
    I'm just fulfillin' my destiny (destiny)
    Fulfillin' my destiny, yeah
    I'm just fulfillin' my destiny, yeah!
    I told y'all I'm a psycho
    Ain't no tellin' what I might do, yeah
    Doubt put his hands around my throat, so I cut 'em off
    That's what you get for steppin' on my toes
    At the top of the key, that's an iso
    My career about to take off, flight mode
    You don't like where we're headed, what you sittin' on my flight for, huh?
    Yeah, they said, "Wait until your time comes"
    Nope! Time's up
    You put in the album, got you thinkin' it's your birthday, woo!
    Yeah, I'm full of surprises
    A lot of pressure on the records and you know I'm makin' diamonds
    Tell me, how would you define this?
    You witnessin' the finest
    Yeah, you never know what you can do until you try it, ah!
    I been workin' late nights like I'm Letterman
    He ain't workin' anymore? Well forget it then
    Somebody get the sedatives
    Too late, yeah the lightbulb's off in my head again
    Where is Edison for my adrenaline?
    Rushin' through my veins like it's never did
    What good is the body, man, if you ain't got the head with it?
    Since a kid up I've been a pessimist
    I like to focus on the negatives, oh Lord!
    I'm just fulfillin' my destiny (all day!)
    Yeah, my pops told me he was proud, I don't think he knew what that meant to me
    Yeah, you try to take advantage of me before you die, you'll be dead to me (all day!)
    Before you die, you'll be dead to me
    Laugh when they question me, y'all ain't no threat to me, yeah
    I'm just fulfillin' my destiny
    To the death of me, I'm just fulfillin' my destiny
    Yeah, you know I keep it real honest
    Real topics, ain't no way I will stop it
    Chills watching everything that's going on around me, they wonder if I still got it
    I'm still rhymin', just another day in paradise, Phil Collins
    'Til you put your hands on me, yeah, now we got a real problem
    Pay homage, make comments
    We in the same genre, but I can guarantee we don't put out the same product
    Get away from me, there ain't nothing you can say to me
    Tried to roll my name through the dirt, that's fine, I was made from it
    You ain't made it to them printin' shirts with your face on it
    Outside tryna sell 'em at your shows, those are fake, dummy
    This is something can't nobody ever take from me
    No mistakin' me, take a blade to me, take a vein from me
    Let me know what you get when you pull it in your name from me, woo!
    No matches, I've been the baddest, no way to match it
    You never seen the passion that's even half this
    I'm wreakin' havoc
    I think the fact that you think I'm average is kinda madness
    So quit your naggin', you couldn't fathom what I've imagined
    Forget the mansion, I'm in the attic
    It's pretty graphic, but had to happen
    You won't see it, get your glasses, forget the status
    Yeah, I feel like we might be on the come-up (all day!)
    Knew I was a problem how I showed up (ayy!)
    Did not have to sell out, but the show does (all day!)
    They ask me why I do it, so I told 'em (yeah!)