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  • Title:Remember This
  • Artist:NF
  • Album:Perception
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    作曲 : Nate Feuerstein/Tommee Profitt
    作词 : Nate Feuerstein/Tommee Profitt
    Yeah, they say when we grow up
    You'll understand when you're older
    Guess I'm still a kid, I don't know it
    If I'll ever let go of this
    Say goodbye to the old me (Yeah)
    We ain't friends anymore
    You don't know me (Real music)
    I know I could die any moment
    If I do just remember this
    Yeah, handouts create lazy people
    I'm not impressed with
    You want something in life
    Then why don't you go and get it?
    Actions speak louder than words do
    It's pretty quiet, isn't it?
    Look at the world we live in
    Defined by comment sections
    Surround yourself with people
    That challenge how you think
    Not people that nod their head and act like they agree
    Those people that cut you open just to watch you bleed
    Always be yourself not the person
    That you pretend to be, no!
    These people gon' tell you
    That you will never make it
    Then when you do, they gon' say
    They knew you were goin' places
    That's just how it works
    Next thing you know you'll be overrated
    Hearing people say they miss the "old you,"
    It's crazy ain't it?
    And perfect people don't exist
    So don't pretend to be one
    I don't need pats on the back from people
    For my achievements
    When I die I wanna know that I lived for a reason
    Anyone can take your life
    But not what you believe in, no
    Say goodbye to the old me
    We ain't friends anymore, you don't know me
    Yeah, don't take opinions from people
    That won't listen to yours
    If money's where you find happiness
    You'll always be poor
    If you don't like the job you have
    Then what do you do it for?
    The cure to pain isn't something you buy
    At liquor stores, nah
    The real you is not defined by the size of your office
    The real you is who you are when ain't nobody watchin'
    You spend your whole life worried about
    What's in your wallet
    For what? That money won't show up in your coffin, woo!
    Yeah, anger's a liar, he ain't got no respect
    I fell in love with my pain and I slept with my regrets
    Happiness saw it happen
    Maybe that's why she up and left
    Joy called me a cheater, said she ain't coming back
    I've always had a problem with relationships
    But that's what happens
    When you see the world through a broken lens
    Mistakes can make you grow
    That doesn't mean you're friends
    Who you are is up to you, don't leave it up to them, no
    Yeah, they say you got into music
    You signed up to be hated
    That's kinda weird
    Cause I don't remember signing my name up
    Coming from people that give advice but never take none
    I like my privacy, but, lately, I feel it's invaded
    I heard that life's too short, don't let it pass you by
    We waste a lot of time crying over wasted time
    It's not about what people think
    It's how you feel inside
    My biggest failures in life are knowing
    I never tried, woo!
    I look at the world from a different angle
    People change; even Satan used to be an angel
    Think twice before you're bitin' on the hand that made you
    Don't believe what you believe just
    'Cause that's how they raised you
    Think your own thoughts, don't let them do it for you
    Say you want a drink
    Don't wait for people to pour it on you
    Cut out the lies
    Stay close to the people you know are loyal
    Grab your own glass and fill it
    Don't let your fear destroy you, woo!