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  • Title:3 A.M.
  • Artist:NF
  • Album:Perception
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    作曲 : Nate Feuerstein/David Arthur Garcia
    作词 : Nate Feuerstein/David Arthur Garcia
    Call me at 3 a.m., tellin' me that
    I could be the one, oh, yeah
    Maybe I was in love from the outside, yes
    I ain't what you want no more
    If you got someone else inside of your life
    Yeah, that's good for you, I'm happy
    You got someone that makes you smile
    More than I ever did, yeah, that's great
    Listen, why they always tryna hurt me?
    Why they always tryna burn me?
    I swear to God, shoulda never
    Even happened in the first place
    Only time you hit me's on my birthday
    Wish that I could tell you that
    I got a lot of love for you
    Wish that I could tell you I got trust for you
    Once you put some money in the bank
    You understand that the money ain't enough for you
    Yeah, look what it's done to you
    Everyone's your friend when the music start buzzin'
    I'm closer to the people
    That were there when I was nothin'
    Tryna talk about the past
    But you always changin' subject
    I ain't good at shakin' hands
    But I'm good at holdin' grudges
    Why you always frontin', huh?
    Always tryna play wit' me (woo)
    Yeah, whatchu gotta say to me?
    I am not a slave to the people writin' checks to me
    This is destiny
    They ain't never had respect for me, ah!
    I don't like that!
    I don't like that, no! (I'm really sorry)
    Why you actin' shady on me?
    Why you always tryna
    Why you always tryna play
    I ain't got a clue right now
    Everything I ever wanted was someone
    I'm watching them go
    Yeah, you said I'm scared for you
    Lemme say a prayer for you
    Hope you never make it to the top
    Just to find out there ain't nothing there for you
    And now the people tryna tell you that
    They care for you, never cared for you
    First time that you ever told me that you loved me
    I know that was probably weird for you
    'Cause I didn't say it back
    I'm so caught up in the past
    And I know I wasn't fair to you, woo!
    Maybe I don't see the world like I'm s'posed to
    Maybe I'm just living in a nightmare
    Maybe all the people that I thought that I was close to
    Wouldn't be around if it wasn't for my career
    Yeah, this third record doesn't pop off
    How many people 'bout to drop off?
    I know how it works
    If the record doesn't work, then it's my fault
    I'm in a room full of fans singin' my thoughts, my God, woo!
    Why you always tryna-
    I ain't gotta clue right now
    Yeah, yeah, I'm done with that
    Reminiscing 'bout all we had
    We got nowhere to go, you got all the things you wanted
    Got everything that you wanted