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  • Title:One Hundred
  • Artist:NF
  • Album:Perception
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    作曲 : Nate Feuerstein/David Arthur Garcia/Brendon Coe
    作词 : Nate Feuerstein/David Arthur Garcia/Brendon Coe
    Hey, I'm on a hundred right now
    They say the flow, it soundin' like a mixtape
    They ain't see it comin' like a fast break
    They ain't see it comin' like
    Jordan hittin' jumpers, yeah, they ask me
    "When that new music 'bout to drop?"
    Ain't that what I gave you last week? (Last week!)
    Yeah, oh, you done it now
    Feels like I'm coming up, but spit it like I'm underground
    Wonder how I come into your city like I run the town
    Love the sound
    Started on a stage, now we in the crowd, woo!
    Yeah, what's with the hype though?
    Told me that your record was the greatest
    But you lied though
    Told me they consider you a God, yeah, well I don't
    Say you never lived
    Until you found something to die for, woo!
    Yeah, and that is so true
    Forget the haters, remember people you're close to
    Now I'm doing things they told me I ain't supposed to
    They treat me like a player, that's funny
    I'm here to coach you!
    Go back to the bench, know where you belong
    Say that you've been practicin'
    Well maybe you should do it more
    Say that you the boss, yeah?
    Well, who did you employ?
    All these sucky rappers
    I don't listen to them, so annoyed!
    I'm on a hundred!
    Yeah, I said I'm on a hundred right now, hey!
    We on a hundred!
    Yeah, I said we on a hundred right now, oh!
    Yeah, you shoulda left this on a high note
    Different cities, different time zones
    You had me open up for your tour
    I leave it lookin' like it's my show
    The fans beggin' for the encore, woo!
    Yeah, and what you know about
    Selling merchandise right out your house?
    I got 40 boxes in my living room on the couch
    Yeah, me and my girl 'bout to ship them out, oh lord!
    Yeah, yeah, I thought I told 'em last record
    I'm out here grindin' on a mad level
    Always on a hundred
    They don't understand the mad hustle
    Nah, but that's what happens
    When the fans love you, I know!
    Yeah, I ain't the norm, but I like it though
    'Bout to move the family out to Nashville
    I'm sleepin' on the floor
    Got no curtains in the bedroom
    Hang up the sheets, yeah, that's the way that I roll!
    Yeah, they think the money 'bout to change me
    That type of talkin' got me angry, yeah
    A lot of people tryna play me
    Me and the fan base lookin' like the A-Team, woo
    How you tellin' people that we family?
    Hold up
    Yeah, when you ain't even met me
    That's the type of thing that may upset me
    I'm on a hundred! (Hundred)
    We on a hundred! (On a hundred!)
    Yeah, I said I'm on a hundred right now, hey! (Woo!)
    We on a—we on a hundred right now!