• Title:Sugar
  • Artist:System of a Down
  • Album:System Of A Down
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    System Of A Down - Sugar

    The kombucha mushroom people,
    Sitting around all day,
    Who can believe you,
    Let your mother pray
    I'm not there all the time you know
    Some people, some people, some people,
    Call it insane, yeah they call it insane,
    I play Russian roulette everyday, a man's sport,
    With a bullet called life, yeah mama called life
    You know that every time I try to go
    Where I really want to be,
    It's already where I am,
    Cause I'm already there….

    I got a gun the other day from Sako,
    It's cute, small, fits right in my pocket,
    Yeah, right in my pocket,
    My girl, you know, she lashes out at me sometimes,
    And I just fuckin' kick her, and then ooh baby, she's O.K.
    People are always chasing me down,
    Trying to push my face to the ground,
    Where all they really want to do,
    Is suck out my mother fucking brains,
    (my brain) Sugar
    I sit,
    in my desolate room,
    no lights,
    no music,
    Just anger!
    I've killed everyone,
    I'm away forever,
    but I'm feeling better
    How do I feel,
    What do I say,
    Fuck you,
    it all goes away
    How do I feel,
    Fuck you,
    it all goes away
    In the end it all goes away,
    In the end it all goes away!