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  • Title:Remind Me
  • Artist:Eminem
  • Album:Revival
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    作曲 : Marshall Mathers
    作词 : Marshall Mathers
    I bust in, devilish grin, disgustin'
    Asshole, freckled cheeks and a butt chin
    Calling all party animals, get on the floor
    When I pop up on some Whac-A-Mole shit
    In search of a chick who stacked them so thick
    And implants are so big
    She can hang me up on that rack, big ol' tits
    Like Anna Nicole Smith
    Bodies bananas and sass to go wit'
    I spot you at first glance and go, "shit"
    You wearin' those pants that don't fit
    That butt won't ever give up
    That's why you stick it out no matter what
    'Cause you got an ass that won't quit
    So, get on the horn, my saxophone
    Grab hold of my instrument, get a grasp, and blow
    You just laugh and go heehee
    'Cause you're just as nasty so that's appropriate
    That's why
    I love you, 'cause you remind me of me
    That's why I love you, 'cause you're like me (yeah me)
    I said I love you, 'cause remind me of me
    That's why I love you, 'cause you're like me, nasty (yeah, me)
    You know, I'm wearin' a new shirt tonight too, yo
    With me on it
    I'm lookin' at your tight rear like a sightseer
    Your booty is heavy duty, like diarrhea
    The plan's to bring you to my house
    You're drinkin' Jack and Beam
    I'm thinking soon as trampolines so we should bounce
    But you're out of your tube-top
    If you're thinking that mi casa es su casa
    Yeah, you're a cute fox
    Perfect ten so back that up like a moonwalk
    Girl, you're smoking like Snoop Dogg
    But you must be Token if you think you're taking over my quarters
    There goes the dime into the jukebox
    Two shots of blue Hpnotiq and soon I'll
    Turn this brouha to a barroom brawl
    So hit scratch on the break like the cue ball
    Turn the volume all the way up on your boombox
    And excuse the locker room talk, I'm just too raw
    But apparently, so are you, ma
    'Cause you just kicked me in the balls and told me to screw off
    And that's why
    I said I love you, 'cause you remind me of me
    Said can I take you home, where we can be alone
    Shawty, you the shit
    Girl, I ordered you to sit
    I know you're probably feeling me more than you admit
    Pull up a chair, sweetie, let me order you a drink
    I only go to meetings court-ordered from a shrink
    From the bottom to the top, floor to ceiling
    You ain't run of the mill, you're one in a million
    'Cause real tits are still fun
    But everybody knows fake tits are still better than real ones
    So come and spend the night with the guy most are terrified of
    But tonight, curiosity overrides ya
    Besides ya fire (i love)
    Like a starter pistol
    Crystal and slides huns, tonight I'm your pilot
    'Cause you should be up in the sky, girl, you're so fucking fly
    You belong in the mile high club
    So come on baby, the night's young
    Don’t string me along, I’m highstrung
    We might wind it up, unbound like we're trying for the Cy Young
    Fuckin' 'fore we get to the house, screwin' our brains out
    Like changing a lightbulb
    That's why I like ya, 'cause I'm crazy just like ya
    Now every time I get brain, you screw mine up
    I barely can think straight, your head game is a mindfuck
    So ready, set, aim, and fire
    Yes babe, I’m fallin' in likeness kinda
    Why I love