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  • Title:In Your Head
  • Artist:Eminem
  • Album:Revival
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    作曲 : Marshall Mathers
    作词 : Marshall Mathers
    What's in your head, in your head
    Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie
    Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, oh
    I'm packing up my shit
    As much shit in the car as I can fit
    And I'm just driving as far as I can get
    Away from these problems till all of my sorrows I forget
    What's tomorrow like?
    'Cause tonight I'm starting life again
    Get to the corner and stop, fuck am I going
    Besides psycho when I fantasize
    Starting my whole life over, yeah right
    Oh and I might go and
    Get hypnotized so I don't even recognize no one
    I try to look alive because there's nothing like
    Holding your head up high when you're dead inside
    And I just hide
    So in case you're wondering why my insides showing
    'Cause I done spilled all my guts and those are mine so I'm
    Picking them up and stuffing them back
    Fuck it, I've done enough in this rap shit,
    Recovery brought me nothing
    But back to where I was and perhaps,
    This could've been my victory lap
    If I wasn't on the verge of Relapse
    It seems to be the reoccurring main thing
    The shit I would daydream as a kid, I was eighteen
    I went from an irate teenager to still raging
    Isn't it though amazing: back then I put anything into the rhyme
    Whether it was sad, mad, happy, or angry
    I spit it, the mainstream, I hit it
    Blame me, I did it—did what?—Hailie
    Baby, I didn't mean to make you eighty
    Percent, of what I rapped about
    Maybe I should've did a better job at separating Shady
    And entertaining from real life
    But this Dang thing is still the hardest thing to explain
    Is the crazy, or should I?
    Ever seen, and back then it was like I ain't even
    Bothered taking into consideration
    You one day being older and may hear me say things
    I did it, blame me, and be, it just ain't me
    Okay, so ladies and gentlemen let's strip away everything
    And see the main reason that I, feel like a lame piece of shit
    Or should I start cranking in bitter
    Come playing beef and pick up by the same things
    'Cause when I, look at me, I don't see what they see
    I feel the same greedy and lately I've been contemplating
    Escaping to get a ranger or whatever this road takes me
    It's making me crazy, what's in my?