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  • Title:Sugarcoat
  • Artist:George Ezra
  • Album:Staying at Tamara's
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    作曲 : Joel Pott/George Ezra
    作词 : Joel Pott/George Ezra
    Once upon a time in South Africa
    I turned to you under the bleeding moon
    The ships were sailing in beneath the table top
    It was three o'clock, the night was still
    Yeah, we stay at joanna's for a night or two
    Though she never really saw us
    We were too consumed
    We never really even gotta see the place
    We were way to busy chasing on the place
    I don't even wanna go out tonight
    No, I got you by my side
    I don't even need to sugarcoat it, girl
    By my side
    I gotta know you better on the trampoline
    Although I am aware I won't know everything
    And it's a big jump, big jump
    Pull yourself together, boy, you haven't got forever, boy
    And if it feels like heaven, well
    I don't even need to sugarcoat it girl
    And it's a big jump, big jump
    Put yourself together, boy
    Big jump, big jump
    You haven't go forever, boy
    Now if it feels like heaven and
    When it feels like heaven, I