• Title:Medication
  • Artist:Damian Marley feat. Stephen Marley
  • Album:Medication
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    Your medication makes me high
    Just be patient
    I'm like a patient trying to find
    Run your fingers down my spine
    Such a short way up and such a long way down
    Chalice it a bubble like we deh ya right down
    The way you somethin' nuff it haffi weigh five pound
    Inna fields of marijuana that is my playground
    I love you, Mary J
    You're the prettiest of flowers
    Girl, me can't complain
    When I'm with you, I feel so high, I rise above the rain
    And you no do people damage, like that bitch cocaine, no
    And if them lonely, feeling only pain
    'Cause, your DNA is of the highest strain
    Your effect is so potent, it's so insane
    You so gummy and sticky like a plasticine
    When me grind out your body, only stems remain
    And to love you is so risky, I might get detained
    You always keep me flying on the highest plane
    And anybody know, will always proclaim
    Your leaves of green, your purples and blue
    A short little kids, adore women too
    And I say to myself, what a wonderful herb
    Look how Babylon so duppy, dem fight you fi years
    Fi your love whole heap a man serve years
    Babylon so duppy, dem fight you fi years
    And now the whole a dem a buy shares
    You should be a celebrity, amongst any tree
    Across the seven seas, for your energy
    But you're an enemy, catching felonies
    Of the remedies in your recipes, whoa
    Ask me how you feel, splendid indeed
    With a likkle bit a black splendid weed
    Her parents grow indoors, not a stick nor seed
    And she never force-ripe, it was a real slow speed
    No fertilizer, natural baby feet
    No cross pollination, she's a real pure breed
    Cultivated in love and she's not grown for greed
    She's everything I want and also all I need
    Compositores: Ahmad Balshe / Breyan Stanley Isaac / Composer Author Unknown / Damian Marley / Devon Anthony Douglas / Sean Diedrick
    Letra de Medication © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Suelion Music, Carlin America Inc