• Title:Re:Re
  • Artist:NateWantsToBattle
  • Album:Genesis
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  • Uploador:ayanami
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    i waited for you.
    i had so many chances.
    I could never go through.
    i pause and look back.
    And then i lose track.
    i spent so much time.
    i can never get back.
    Could wait forever.
    But then i won't learn.
    That memories fade.
    No matter how much it hurts.
    And on the inside.
    I feel my Heart cry.
    I'm tearing at the walls.
    In the corners of my mind.
    Wanna tell you just to hold on.
    to nights.
    We spent so long.
    Hold on.
    i still regret.
    Every word.
    That day.
    i never said.
    That i'm never getting back.
    Now iii.
    Will Never get the chance.
    To tell you