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  • Title:Just Drop Dead
  • Artist:Limp Bizkit
  • Album:Behind Blue Eyes
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    Just Drop Dead

    Limp Bizkit
    Ok, where the hell you been?
    Said that you'd been hanging with your cute girlfriend
    Then I get a call, kinda woke me up
    Said that they saw you chillin' with this young little fuck,
    I was kinda dazed and maybe confused,
    Never woulda expected this terrible news,
    Not only were you kissing this fool you been dissin'
    You were playing me out
    Now you better listen
    What the fuck is going on?
    Who the fuck do you think you are? (Bitch!)
    'Cause for alarm
    Gonna put your shit begging me to stay
    Even though you run your fucking mouth everyday!
    I ain't some punk ass dealing with your drunk ass
    Sure your mighty fine
    But you crossed the fucking line
    Now there's no returnin'
    This lesson that your learnin'
    Pulling down your panties
    And leave your ass burnin'
    'Cause I deserve more,
    I deserve more
    You act like a whore
    So just drop dead
    Back to the start (Go)
    When we got together I gave you my heart
    You made a few mistakes
    But that's how it goes
    And every time I broke up you gave my ass a rose (aww)
    Saying that your sorry
    And I'm the only one
    Believed you like a chump
    While you were having fun
    I was feelin' lonely
    While you were with your homie
    Ain't that a bitch?
    Now your boy can blow me
    Even though you run your fucking mouth every day!
    There's love
    There's lust
    Then blood
    Then guts
    Your touch
    My crutch
    I trust you way too much
    I trust you way too much!!
    You gotta lotta fuckin' nerve!
    Ya think this is a fuckin' tennis match? (Bitch!)
    Time for me to serve
    John Mackinroe
    Ready for me ho?
    Its 15-love
    Where the fuck they gonna go? (Huh?)
    Where the fuck you gonna go? (Huh?)
    Compositores: John Everett Otto / Samuel Robert Rivers / William Frederick Durst
    Letra de Just Drop Dead © Universal Music Publishing Group