• Title:Binary Star
  • Artist:Uru/SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]
  • Album:Binary Star / Cage
  • Karaoke:1★Download Synchronous LRC lyric
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  • Uploador:ayanami
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    作曲 : Hiroyuki Sawano.
    作词 : Benjamin & mpi.
    An adorable star we can see from afar.
    But a truth it belies.
    All who enters her dies.
    Hear the beating of wings as the pendulum swings.
    And we can't believe it's ever gonna end.
    You know blood is thicker than water.
    But you just want everyone to get along.
    For the candles in the darkness.
    Burning up the sorrow.
    There's no end to sadness.
    We didn't learn.
    For the broken hearted people.
    Diamonds now surround us.
    So out of our mind.
    Leave the past behind.
    We're a binary heart.
    Tear each other apart.
    Growing from the same stem.
    They were us. We were them.
    On a course to collide.
    Is it strength not to hide?.
    Let the politics decide you're not a friend.
    A centrifugal force.
    Pushing us far away.
    That's our eternity.
    We can't escape the force.
    Crushing us..
    Gravity is our eternity.