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  • Title:Machu Picchu
  • Artist:The Strokes
  • Album:Angles
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  • Uploador:Mechakilldes
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    Machu Picchu
    The Strokes

    I'm putting your patience to the test.
    I'm putting your body on the line, for less.
    And didn't you know there was a choice?
    It's never yours but someone else's voice.
    Slippin' your body through the street.
    I'm sending your girlfriends to the night, for cheat.
    Wearing a jacket made of meat.
    Sending a letter made with horse's feet.
    And now you've heard that
    Waves turn to grey.
    Life in the shade.
    A violent cloud.
    And that's on USA.
    Running for the rights,
    Sleep into the sky.
    I'm just trying' to find
    A mountain I can climb.
    It's never yours and it's someone else's voice.
    And now you've seen that
    Waltz on the grey.
    A violent cloud,
    Born on the rise.
    Circlin' the skies.
    I'm just tryin' to find.
    Tell us, are you gonna tell us?
    Why do we feel so jealous?
    Why do we feel so silent?
    Why is it always silent?
    (I didn't want to ask you baby)
    (I didn't want you to suffer)
    (And everybody is singing)
    Why are you waiting behind the door?
    Life turns to dust,
    And rain turns to rust.
    Gossip is a truth.
    ? the life we should.
    And why do you look surprised?
    Ever since I'm in the skies.
    I'm just tryin' to find,
    A space for you and I.
    Compositores: Julian Casablancas / Nick Valensi
    Letra de Machu Picchu © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
    by mechakilldes