• Title:Urban Fragments
  • Artist:Kohta Takahashi, Hiroshi Okubo, Asuka Sakai, Tetsukazu Nakanishi, Koji Nakagawa
  • Album:R4 / Ridge Racer Type 4 / Direct Audio
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    Urabn Fragments (Ridge Racer 4 opening CG bgm)
    He's the one for me
    there's no place I'd rather be... yeah
    To the finish line,
    Everywhere you look he's right on time
    With his silent stare...
    Blazing through the open air
    He's without a care
    ohhhh..... yeahhh....
    Movin' to the beat
    Can you feel the heat,
    when the tires kiss the street
    Step back, it's Ridge Racer...
    A Ridge Racer
    He gives me what I need
    One more win, it's Ridge Racer...
    I feel the need for speed
    One more win
    It's Ridge Racer
    Racer! Ahh, yeah!
    Ridge Racer!
    Ahhh... ooohh... ridge racer...
    Step back, it's Ridge Racer
    He only wants to give me what I need
    Ridge Racer!