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  • Title:Stop Myself (Only Human)
  • Artist:Calum Scott
  • Album:Only Human (Deluxe)
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    Driven to the fire
    Take it back to where we started
    Till we crash and burn again
    Now I got it to a science
    All this sabotage between us
    Dancing on a razor's edge
    Where does it start, where does it end
    Two nights ago my broken heart was on the mend
    Know I should go but it's so hard when you walk in
    I'm not myself when we're apart, I can't pretend
    Oh but I
    I'm only human
    How am I supposed to stop myself
    From loving you, loving you, yeah
    I'm about to do the thing I know
    I shouldn't do, shouldn't do, yeah
    We don't know how the story's gonna end
    But I know you're gonna break my heart again
    I'm only human, how am I supposed to stop myself
    Having a disaster
    In the middle of the madness
    Hard to tell which one is which
    Always caught up the morning after
    When I'm reaching out to hold ya
    Nothing on my fingertips
    Look like an angel
    Palms on your halo
    And I'm drowning in your lie
    From loving you