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  • Title:Only You
  • Artist:Calum Scott
  • Album:Only Human (Deluxe)
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    Only you, you you
    I remember in the school yard
    The children didn't understand
    So they bullied me with silence
    Just for being who I am
    So I got good at keeping secrets
    I used to blend in with the crowd
    On the inside I was screaming
    With you I did not have to hide
    Only you, could see that I was hurting
    Only you, ever cared to understand
    Always know, that I'd do do the same
    I'd do anything for you, my friend
    It's true
    I used to stare up at the ceiling
    Wide awake all through the night
    Why the world was busy sleeping
    I was so caught up in my mind
    Always know, that I'd do the same
    So true
    When I'm all alone
    A million miles away from home
    Would you stand with me?
    You'll always be
    My rock and shoulder to lean on
    Every hope I have is gone
    I'll turn to you
    You know it's true
    And I know
    'Til the bitter end
    I'd be proud to call you, my best friend
    You, you you