• Title:Wicked Ways
  • Artist:Killabyte/Danyka Nadeau
  • Album:
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    Still as a breeze
    A River Flowing Deep
    Don't wanna leave...
    The Air You Breathe
    Living Here This Dreams
    When I Think Of You & Me
    The World You See
    And I will hold you down
    If Love is Still Alive
    It's Unforgiven to My Eyes...
    The Tide has turned around
    Just listen to the Sound
    Two Hearts Beating...
    Beating In Time
    Heya Heya
    Heya Heya
    It's Unforgiven
    You & Your Wicked Ways
    Swing Round Your Touch I
    Never feel so much
    I set between
    Cause when You knock me In
    I'm In for Life
    Don't care it's a Cruel Paradise
    Say You'll be Mine
    You & Your Wicked Ways