• Title:Fool
  • Artist:Fitz & the Tantrums
  • Album:Fitz and The Tantrums (Deluxe)
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    Didn't raise no fool
    I said, mama
    She watching girls like you
    You will never catch me slipping
    You will never catch me sleep
    Girl you must be tripping
    Trying to run around on me
    Oh, mama
    Didn't raise no fool, didn't raise no
    You the type that Kanye told me 'bout
    You bite your nail until you sell me out, baby
    I know the truth about you, air it out
    Cause I need somebody who's gonna hold me down
    Always accusing me of running 'round (running, running 'round)
    You throwing rocks in a glass house, baby
    You know I got people all over town
    I don't hate the player, oh, I sure don't hate the game
    But I'm 'bout to make a movie and I need you out the frame
    I know the reason why you hang around
    You only love me for my bank account, baby
    I did the math 'cause it ain't hard to count
    And I need somebody who's gonna hold me down
    No, we can't work, work, work it out
    Swerving, swerving when you come around
    You know what goes around comes back around
    Fooled me for the last time, feels good to be free
    Must be out your damn mind running 'round on me