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  • Title:Kamikaze
  • Artist:Eminem
  • Album:Kamikaze
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    Okay, how do I say this? (Fack, fack, fack)
    Last year didn't work out so well for me
    (fack, fack, fack) (fack last year)
    2018, well (fack, fack)
    {Verse 1}
    Yeah, I'm a fuckin' kamikaze crashin' into everything
    You beat me, Islamic Nazi, that means there is no such thing
    I've been goin' for your jugular since Craig G "Duck Alert"
    Wedgie in my underwear, the whole bed sheet and the comforter
    Stuck up in my rectal crack, kiss my disrespectful ass
    I'll ride through your cul-de-sac
    Window cracked, bumpin' your reference tracks
    You collaborative effort rap, I have never said his raps
    Overstayed my welcome, stepped in crap
    And ruined your welcome mat
    So spit that shit from the heart, you didn't write like you wrote it
    While I teabag the microphone 'cause I go nuts on it
    Like a fighter jet lined with explosives that'll strike any moment
    Headed right at opponents and I'm the fuckin' pilot that flown it
    I'm 'bout to—
    Smash into everyone, crash into everything
    Back and I've just begun, "FACK" 2017
    Fack, fack on everyone
    I'm a Kamikaze, gonna
    Smash into everyone, crash like an F-15
    Damage already done, y'all shoulda let me be
    {Verse 2}
    I turned to rap 'cause it made me feel tough when I wasn't (wasn't)
    From the moment I heard rap was cussin', I was in (was in)
    Which is why I identify with the guy
    Who I was invented by, Dre's Frankenstein
    Energized like a nine volt, ice cold
    Like Snake Eyes, twice in a row on a dice roll
    But if the only reason I blowed is 'cause I'm white though
    Why don't every other white rapper sell what I sold? (ooh)
    Kamikaze pilot, I wrote my suicide note
    Here come the guys in white coats tryin' to stop me
    'Fore I jump behind the controls and try to fly into foes
    'Cause I'm takin' y'all with me when I go cyclone
    I don't think this typhoon's lettin' up any time soon, here I go
    Eyes closed, blindfolded, I'm 'bout to—
    Damage already done, y'all should've let me be
    Kamikaze, kamikaze
    Kamikaze, kamikaze, kami-kamikaze
    Take a look at what I've done
    {Verse 3}
    I heard your freestyle on Shade 45, that shit was embarrassing
    There is no way we ever air that shit again, I guarantee
    That way that shit was so ass it's somethin' we wouldn't dare re-air
    The shit's embarrassing as me rear-ending Tara Reid bare
    In my therapy chair, my dick is the hair length of Cher
    Each nut is the chair width of an acorn, stairlift beware of me
    Lyrically I'm terrible, better get your lyrics prepared
    Richard Ramirez is here, serial killin' every beat there is
    Wait, wait, got the eeriest feelin'
    Somethin' evil is lurkin', I'm no conspiracy theorist
    But somethin' here is afoot—oh yeah, it's my dick
    Get the measurin' stick (what?), twelve inches of wood
    Wait, but I've been goin' for your jugular since Craig G "Duck Alert"
    And I've come to pay respects
    'Cause if you sleep you're fucked—other words
    You get laid to rest and I hope your butt is hurt
    Put me on a track, I go cray on it like a color book
    You got some views, but you're still below me
    Mine are higher, so when you compare our views, you get overlooked
    And I don't say the hook unless I wrote the hook
    And now I'm just freestylin' in the vocal booth
    And you know I've always spoke the truth
    You lyin' through your teeth so much you broke a tooth
    And it ain't somethin' I need a phone to do
    When I say I can't wait 'til I get ahold of you
    And I don't know what I'm s'posed to do
    Line up the rappers, take my pic like a photo shoot
    --- ---