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  • Title:I Was Jack (You Were Diane)
  • Artist:Jake Owen
  • Album:Jake Owen
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    It was yesterday, it was years ago
    We were singing every word on the radio
    Kinda like the songs could save our souls
    Somehow, someway
    We was flowing fast, we was jumping in
    Blue jean halo hanging off the wind
    Two American kids just like them
    Every time we play
    It blew us away
    Do you turn it up, do you sing along
    Every time you hear that song
    Like we did then, like we did when
    Do you close your eyes, does it make you laugh
    Do the memories take you back
    To 6 packs and a Chevy Cheyenne
    Way back when I was Jack and you were Diane
    Yeah, and the music played
    Yeah we were never growing up or growing old
    Breaking up or letting go
    Girl just like rock 'n' roll, where' it gone
    But I hope like hell every now and again
    I blow across your mind like that summer wind
    And you're holding on the sixteen long as you can
    Every time that it comes on
    Oh yeah
    Does it still move ya, baby hallelujah
    Yeah way back
    Way on back
    When I was Jack and you were Diane
    Yeah do you close your eyes
    Does it make you laugh
    Yeah do the memories take you back
    Take you back, take you back