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  • Title:Feel It Still
  • Artist:Portugal. The Man
  • Album:Feel It Still
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    Can't keep my hands to myself
    Think I'll dust em off put em back up on the shelf
    In case my little baby girl is in need
    Am I coming out of left field
    Ooh woo I'm a rebel just for kicks now
    I been feeling it since 1966 now
    Might be over now but I feel it still
    Let me kick it like it's 1986 now
    Got another mouth to feed
    Leave her with a baby sitter mama call the grave digger
    Gone with the fallen leaves
    Might of had your fill but you feel it still
    We could fight a war for peace
    Give in to that easy living
    Goodbye to my hopes and dreams
    Stop flipping for my enemies
    We could wave until the walls come down
    It's time to give a little tip
    Kids in the middle move over till it falls
    Don't bother me
    Is it coming
    Is it coming back
    Ooh woo I'm a rebel just for kicks yeah
    Your love is an abyss for my heart to eclipse now