• Title:Take me hand
  • Artist:DAISHI DANCE;Cecile Corbel
  • Album:WONDER Tourism
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    作曲 : DAISHI DANCE/Cécile Corbel/Tomoharu Moriya
    作词 : Cécile Corbel
    In my dreams
    I feel your light
    I feel love is born again
    In the moonlight
    Rising stars
    The day
    I fell in love with you
    Darling won't you break
    My heart
    Take my hand now
    Stay close to me
    be my lover
    Won't you let me go
    close your eyes now
    And you will see
    There's a rainbow
    For you and me
    As I wake up
    I see your face
    Cherry blossom
    Flying birds
    In the sky
    Can't you see
    The sun
    That is shining on the fields
    Is it shining in
    Your heart
    And I dream of you
    Every night
    Cause's there only you
    In my mind
    Will you be
    A stranger or a friend in my life