• Title:Life
  • Artist:DAISHI DANCE;Pixie Lott
  • Album:WONDER Tourism
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    Life! Imagine you've got a box of wonder
    You always wanted to grab something sparkling
    And everybody saying it's the key of winning
    But gold will turn out grey
    Blue will turn out red
    Nobody knows what's it gonna be
    Follow the light
    That never lost its shine
    You only know what's it gonna be
    So pick it all out
    Say it out loud
    Even if it seems worthless
    Hold it tight be close to your heart
    You will find something
    You will find diamonds
    Life! Imagine you are standing on the road
    You always wanted to choose (??) wide and clean
    Now everybody saying you're on a road to winning
    You go there
    It's a special place to see
    When feel so wrong
    Close your eyes and see
    You've already got
    Everything you need