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  • Title:Fired Up
  • Artist:Matt Anderson
  • Album:In Your Eyes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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    I’m running non-stop day after day
    I’ve got it all spent with nothing left to pay
    I hear you coming from a mile away
    Oh, how I love that sound
    I tossed all my wishes down the wishing well
    Spoke my last words with nothing left to tell
    You came along to catch me just before I fell
    You are my saving grace
    I get caught in the way you say it
    When you call my name
    I get fired up every time you say it
    I could have a golden statue in my back yard
    Have a golden coin one for every star
    All these riches won’t get me too far
    Until I hear from you
    Hard times are gonna fall
    Trouble waits at every turn
    You’ve got the way to keep it all
    Keep it from getting to me
    You keep ‘em from getting to me
    I could stand for days bare feet on fire
    I could run for miles and I’ll never tire
    Yes I’d give you all your little heart desires