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  • Title:Diggin' My Grave
  • Artist:Lady Gaga;Bradley Cooper
  • Album:A Star Is Born Soundtrack
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    You're killing me, baby with the things you do
    Put me in the ground before we're through
    Burning up this town
    Spending everything I've saved, yeah
    You've been out all night
    Diggin' my grave
    Every little lie you're tell kid
    Keep it hid
    You're just another nail on the coffin lid
    Someone else is getting all the love you never gave, yeah (Wooh)
    You've been up all night
    Some people go runnin' 'round
    They've no need to hurry back
    'Cause I'll be gone from here
    You'll be all dressed up in black
    Six feet under, baby, that's where I'll be
    By the time that you're done with me
    All these tears I cried drowning in a tidal wave
    Some people runnin' 'round
    Ain't no need to hurry back
    All these tears I cry drowning in a tidal wave
    Diggin' my, diggin' my, diggin' my, diggin' my