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  • Title:Like Gold
  • Artist:Vance Joy
  • Album:Like Gold
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    Time to let it go
    It won't let go of me
    Hanging by a thread
    Cutting the cord and then falling back into the
    Black 'cause if I don't
    If I wait 'til it feels right
    I'll be waiting my whole life
    Closing my eyes, remember how we were like

    Gold, when you see me
    Hi, if you need me
    Babe, that's the way it was
    That's the history
    Blue, how we used to roar
    Like an open fire
    That's the way it was
    But that's history
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    I have a memory
    You're visiting me at night
    Climbing in my bed
    You were so quiet that you never woke me
    I love the way you could
    See the good in everything
    But, do we fuel the fire?
    Started with a word
    Now, look at where we are
    Everything we've done
    It's there on our faces for anyone willing to
    Read between the lines
    But I got a feeling
    Darling, it's possible
    'Cause love's got no ceiling
    Now, that it's just so strong
    And I got a feeling
    Like everything is possible
    I'm trying to change
    Mh, mh, mh, mh, mh
    Started out with just one
    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh