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  • Title:Think About Us
  • Artist:Little Mix
  • Album:LM5 (Deluxe)
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    作曲 : Camille Purcell/Frank Nobel/Linus Nordstrom
    作词 : Camille Purcell/Frank Nobel/Linus Nordstrom
    When you're dancing in the club
    And the night is getting hard
    Do you think about us?
    When the music gets so loud
    And the girls are all around
    Cause I do, think about you
    When I'm up here in a hotel room
    Need your love don't know what i'm gonna do
    My body so hot, babe I'm missing you
    One touch is all I want
    I call my girls, we go down to the club
    Walk through the crowd 'til I find my love
    I look in your eyes and the whole world stop
    Woah, you put your hand on my waist
    And then you pull me close
    Boy I promise, I won't let go
    Now dancing in the club
    And It's fire when we touch
    When we're deeper in the crowd
    Can you feel my body now?
    Do you think about us, us
    Woah-oh-oh-oh, woah-oh-oh-oh
    Can't shake you off, baby stuck like glue
    Now we're alone, got my body on you
    You don't even know all the things I wanna do
    One touch, need your love
    Me and my baby, we're in the club
    Ain't nobody else you know and it's all about us
    Oh-na-na-na-na, do you think about us?
    I wanna know, I wanna know
    I wanna know, do you think about us?