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  • Title:More Than Words
  • Artist:Little Mix;Kamille
  • Album:LM5 (Deluxe)
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    [Verse 1:]
    When you think, when you think, when you think you're alone
    I'll be, be, be like a ghost behind you
    When you're down, when you're down
    When you're down and you can't find the things to say
    You know I'll give my words to you, you
    When the sea, when the seasons change
    And the sun shines on your face
    Yeah, I'll be there with you, you ,you, you, you
    You're a part, you're a part for me now
    Just as much as I'm a part of you
    I find peace in every story you told
    I think of you, I'll never be alone
    It's true, true, true
    You know I do, do, do
    Oh, I need you more than words can say
    Oh, you save me in ways that I can't explain
    Always been there for me, now I'll do the same
    [Verse 2:]
    Won't forget, won't forget
    Won't forget when he broke my heart
    How you helped me through
    You turned, you turned, you turned a disaster into a dream
    Gave me the power, made my life brand new
    When the world try to break us, we found magic
    And we grew stronger, though every line, line, line
    Every night, every night
    I stand and sing the truth
    Now, now they know that they gonna be alright, alright
    Whoah, yeah
    Oh, it's true
    You know I do, yeah
    Oh, I need you more than words can say (more than words can say)
    Oh, you save me in ways that I can't explain (ways that I can't explain)
    [Outro: Jesy]