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  • Title:Drink To You
  • Artist:Jonas Blue;Zak Abel
  • Album:Blue
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    Mmm, mmm
    Remember when you said that all good things end?
    I never thought that I’d believe you
    But now here I am having lost a friend
    And all the times I should've praised you
    I know, my love, been showing off
    How am I ever gonna get through?
    'Cause I had my chance but I blew it all
    And now's my only time to tell you
    If the heavens crumbled down
    And the days we have are through, I'll drink to you
    And when the silence is the sound
    I know the one, I know it too, I'll drink to you
    I know the one, I know it too,
    I'll drink to you (I'll drink to you)
    I was out of touch, didn't know my luck
    You had everything I ever wanted
    When I got lost, you came unstuck
    And drifted off of my horizon
    So take me back, to where we began
    I'll be everything you ever needed
    If there’s one last shot, I'll give you all I've got
    Oh, Lord knows that you deserve it
    When everything is said and done
    The truth remains, you were my champion
    The truth remains, you were the only one