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  • Title:Polaroid (CID & Jonas Blue Remix)
  • Artist:Jonas Blue;Liam Payne;Lennon Stella
  • Album:Polaroid (Remixes)
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    Let me tell you how it happened
    I wasn't looking for someone that night
    No, I was never a believer
    That you could fall in love at the first sight
    But all of a sudden
    (We loved and got lost in the moment)
    All of a sudden
    (She's gone in the flash of a light)
    I never was looking, hmm
    I'll be looking for the rest of my life
    We took a Polaroid
    You signed your name upon it
    I put it in my wallet
    Hoping I'd see your face again
    Captured the look in your eyes
    It's only a matter of time
    Before it starts fading

    Was it my imagination?
    I could've swore I saw someone like you
    A thousand people at the station
    And in a second, you slipped out of view
    Then all of a sudden
    (I loved and got lost in the moment)
    (She's gone in the blink of an eye)