• Title:1999
  • Artist:Charli XCX;Troye Sivan
  • Album:1999
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    作曲 : Oscar Holter/Noonie Bao/Troye Sivan/Brett McLaughlin/Charlotte Aitchison
    I just wanna go back, back to 1999
    Took a ride to my old neighborhood
    I just wanna go back, sing, "Hit me baby, one more time"
    Wanna go back, wanna go
    Yeah, I just wanna go back
    Nike Airs, all that
    CD, old Mercedes
    Drive around listening to Shady like, oh
    Never under pressure, oh
    Those days it was so much better, oh
    Feelin' cool in my youth, relaxin'
    No money, no problem
    It was easy back then
    Ooh, wish that we could go back in time, uh
    Got memories
    Ooh, maybe we could do it tonight
    Tonight's the night
    Yeah, I remember back home
    Best friends, all night, no phone
    No cares, I was dumb and so young
    My room singing Michael Jackson (hee, hee)
    Feelin' cool in my youth
    I'm askin', "Does anyone remember how we did it back then?"
    Ah, yeah
    Back to where we came from, playin' air guitar on the roof
    In the kitchen, up on the table
    Like we had a beautiful view
    I wanna go
    Back to 1999
    I know those days are over but a boy can fantasize
    'Bout JTT on MTV and when I close my eyes
    And I'm right there, right there
    And he's right there, right there
    And we're right there, right there
    Ah, ah, ah
    I wanna go back
    Back to where we came from (came from),
    Playin' air guitar on the roof
    Go back, yeah, yeah
    I just wanna go back, yeah back to 1999
    Take me back to '99 (Yeah)