• Title:AirForce (Remix)
  • Artist:Dig Dat;Krept & Konan;K-Trap
  • Album:AirForce (Remix)
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    I was on the roads tryna double up,
    Home now I wanna see my p's just triple
    Had to run a boy down in my Air Force,
    Pissed, cos now they got a crease in the middle
    Are you sure this corn will fit this wap though,
    Bro these teeth ain't little?
    See a hottie with the biggest back, B,
    I'm not sure if 'dem jeans fit you
    Pissed, 'cah now they got a crease in the middle
    Excuse me miss, where you from?
    My name's Digs—ask what I'm on
    I just got back from a stretch,
    They didn't miss me when I was gone
    Now I'm tryna not miss these sales,
    I get pissed when the ringtone stops
    What you know about sitting in jail,
    And you feel like the pillow's giving you spots?
    Young trap boss
    Man still buy it and fly it
    And a mans still savage
    Had to scratch it off in Burberry, pissed
    Cos now I got to burn this jacket
    I just broke down this pack here
    Now the profit margin is massive
    Nose of the barrel is massive,
    I'll show you about double-taping
    And if I go do this bait,
    I'mma see another landing
    Bro had one me had one too
    You ain't seen double matics
    Foreign that's a different accent
    Put it in the foreign now were just dashing
    Had it in S plus,
    If I put it in comfort cah I might crash it
    They ain't on piss, they're on gassing
    Broke ass fools, these waps is expensive
    Give a boy four from the .40
    I better have his picture trending
    I'm waiting for clips and barrels
    Long ass shanks would've though we were fencing
    See me one I'll drench him
    Unknown T, I'll dig it and bend it
    Cool just phoned for a 10 bit
    Get two more you'll get it for 20
    I think I just sighted my man
    Do him like we did him already
    I think I just run out of carbs
    Put on the tap I ain't running a bath
    It was soft when it went in the pot
    Give it a whip and it's coming back hard
    Pissed, 'cause now they got a crease in the middle
    Came from Gypsy hill to Beverly hill man better respect me
    Had to run a man down in my Fendi
    Pissed cah I'm trying to look trendy
    Now my trainer's scuffed and you face is bust
    Got blood on my Bentley (Pissed)
    She knows I'm clapped, saw my cash
    All of a sudden I'm sexy
    My mates unruly, came in hoopties, spray that Uzi
    My babes a cutie
    Amazing coochie
    I take dat Gucci
    And I'm with bounce, everyone knows what his on
    They came to my ends on riding
    Then end up the ones being rid on
    Galdem asking me who my crazy friend is
    Cah he backed out a wap at the robbery shoot
    Ask Kaylem Dennis
    I don't want that bitch, I'll ruin her ego
    She shooting her shot and missed
    She ain't getting this Deno (Shiro ting)
    Alla dat
    Missed her uck so I call her back
    Knock-knock who's there, karma ahk
    Bro draw for it, he had a heart attack (Well)
    You didn't ride, but you shoulda
    You ain't on piss, suck your mumma
    Come with akh, Abdullah
    New coat done two racks like Jumma
    Little bro got a pack
    Told broski flip dat (Flip dat akh)
    Made a K off Trap, so the girl them Dig Dat
    You are the ballers, till the man dem touch down
    Krept how you come in a Bentley?
    But still got a buss down
    She probably got a man at home but I don't ask
    When you get bags like me,
    Pretty girls don't want to go yard
    Came in an Addison Lee
    Nine bills on Italian jeans
    Even in an Unknown T, I still got gally on me
    I was listening to BXP, ducking from TSG
    I knew white in base before I ever went DXB
    The little Asian lady next door saw me like 10 times
    They say black don't crack
    But I had a Rasta on my peb line
    When west and done damage
    Left Bond Street, need new hangers
    Was getting money in my Air Force
    Then I went Puma and got a New Balance
    Smelling like black orchid when I step through
    Just got a check from Apple,
    That's what I call bread fruit
    08 I was sitting inside,
    Who would have thought I would be living this life?
    I was going to bust the Patek,
    But the watch just tripled in price
    I ain't really feeling this vibe
    I can't but my nigga just might
    The clips got tips don't make my young g give you advice
    Stunting with thots in rentals
    They ain't going to roll on
    No one them man are soft and gentle
    I could never be sour
    How can you be the plug you ain't even got no power
    I just hit two cells with my right hand
    Peng bujj got my feens all coughing
    In jail, I was kicking up opps with my left foot
    Had to get him down like Robin
    Free S just missed his call
    We were both in the cage in slippers
    Do it like we did it in school
    When I had to kick mans face with Kickers
    The sweet one calling me love
    She likes how I squeeze one hand in my glove
    **** no bae, no boo
    I just want top, she says i'm rude
    I swear ill splash this here are I'm dumb
    I'll do it and dash these Air Force Ones
    Peng one bore tongue
    Just give me hat don't stay you're sprung