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  • Title:Boomerang
  • Artist:Imagine Dragons
  • Album:Origins (Deluxe)
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    How many lies do we have to tell?
    To keep on saying, that I wish you well?
    How many times said I'm movin’ on?
    How many times that false alarm goes on? (Goes on)
    Goes on? (Goes on)
    I know I'll see you tomorrow
    'Cause I’m bad to lettin' you go, lettin' you go
    Lettin' you go, lettin' you go
    Moving on, moving on, moving on, moving on
    I'm ready to go, ready to go
    I'm ready to throw, ready to throw
    You're my boomerang-boomerang
    You’re my boomerang-boomerang
    How many tears do we have to cry?
    How many sleepless, lonely nights?
    To work it up, is it worth enough?
    Should we go ahead?
    Or should we turn around?
    I know I’ll see you tomorrow
    Lettin' you go, lettin’ you go
    Just because it isn't easy doesn't mean that it is wrong
    Everything that we've been working on, working on so long
    Ooh, ooh, ooh
    You're my boomerang-boomerang (Ooh)
    You're my booma-booma-rang-rang
    Lettin' you go, lettin' you go (Booma-rang-rang)
    Moving on, moving on (Booma-rang-rang)
    Ready to go, ready to go (Booma-rang-rang)