• Title:Out at Night
  • Artist:Clean Bandit;Kyle;Big Boi
  • Album:What Is Love? (Deluxe)
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    作曲 : Antwan Patton/Julian Bunetta/Jack Patterson/John Ryan
    Yeah, Clean Bandit
    Big Boi, woo
    Wakes up early, walks herself to work
    She's all alone from 8 to 5, yeah
    Keeps her eyes down, doesn't say too much
    And all her colleagues think she's shy
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Watching the clock on the wall
    Watching the clock on the wall, yeah
    Watching the city go dark
    Goes home and takes it all off, yeah
    And pours up a couple of shots
    She does it so well
    As soon as she walks out the door
    Turns into someone else
    She only comes out at night
    She only comes out at night (only comes out now)
    I'm watching her come to life

    (Only comes out now)
    Wakes up late, he's tryna graduate
    But he's been out from 8 to 5, yeah
    Glasses on, he waits til class is done
    Until he shows that other side, yeah
    Putting that eyeliner on
    He does it so well
    As soon as he walks out the door
    Ooh yeah
    Ooh yeah (only comes out now)
    Hey baby girl is so nocturnal
    The fire in her eyes burning brighter than inferno
    The devil in her past got me writing in my journal
    Let her know
    That this is forever just like my words are eternal, yeah
    Fool fool, I'm full of thoughts
    But let's go take it slow, like the way a turtle walks
    But speed it up and she won't never see I land in shows
    Yeah boi, mmm hm
    Only comes out now