• Title:Mama
  • Artist:Clean Bandit;Ellie Goulding
  • Album:What Is Love? (Deluxe)
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    作曲 : Jason Evigan/Ellie Goulding/Caroline Ailin/Grace Chatto/Jack Patterson
    Oh mama, ola, ola, ola
    Don't know what this is
    Oh, I do, I do now
    I see my body in a different light, I-I-I
    As if I woke up in a different life, I-I-I
    Feels like I'm walking with my heart on fire
    Somebody pass me the water
    'Cause I'm burning
    'Cause a little bit sooner turned into a lot
    There's no way I'd be turning the feeling off
    Guess I'm everything that I thought that I was not
    Tell me, tell me, I-I-I
    What do I do now, do now, do now?
    Do with all of this?
    All of these new emotions
    I let them out in the open
    Oh, what do I do now?

    I've never felt so good, I feel so soft, na-na-na
    And now I know it's heaven on my spots, na-na-na
    I didn't know that I could have these thoughts, yeah-yeah
    Kick it low
    Everything I thought I knew about me's upside down
    Everything is changing but I think I love it now, I-I-I
    What do I do, what do I do, what do I do now
    Oh what do I do now?